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Seminar Pricing for 2024

While 2024 seminar fees have modestly increased due to inflationary pressures, we are happy to announce that 2024 fees include an option to receive a complimentary shipment of the paper course manual. This is a savings of $50!

We are also introducing Earl Bird Pricing. If you register for a seminar at least three months before the seminar starts, you will enjoy 2023 pricing.


2024 level 1 pricing.png


2024 Nerve Pricing.png

Policies to Help Reduce Costs


2024 FULL BODY price comparison chart.pNG

ART Europe has the following policies to help attendees save money:

  • Early Bird Pricing - If you register three months before a seminar begins, you will receive 2023 pricing.

  • Bring a Colleague - If you bring a colleague to his/her first ART Europe seminar, you both receive 20% off your registration fee. On the Payments page, use code, "DoubleTheFun" and add your colleague's name to "I will be attending the seminar with ________________." This promotion cannot be combined with any other discounts.

  • Referral Credit - If you refer new registrants to their first ART Europe seminar, you will receive a $100 credit for each referral to use for a future seminar. 

  • Table Credit - Unless a seminar is held at a clinic, we often need attendees to bring their portable treatment tables for the course. If you bring your portable treatment table to designated seminars, ART Europe will add a $100 credit to your account for use on a future seminar.

  • Three Classes in 12 Months, Fourth is Free - If you take three ART Europe seminars in a 12-month period, the fourth ART Europe seminar is free if taken within the next 12 months from the third seminar. The Full Body class and private classes do not qualify for this offer. Paper manuals are not included in this offer.

  • On-site registrations - If you are at an ART Europe seminar and know you are going to sign-up for a future seminar, use code, "EUROPA*DSCT" within one week from the end of the seminar to receive 10% off.    

  • Professional Affiliations - ART Europe has worked with the following organizations to provide a 10% discount on seminar fees. Use the applicable code below and have proof of your current membership ready to share with ART Europe. If your organization is not listed but wants to be, send a request to

    • British Chiropractic Association: Use Code, "BCA-$&*"​

    • Royal College of Chiropractors: Use Code, "*RCC^NC"

  • Private Classes - ART Europe can provide private courses for clinics or organizations that want to host a course. Private classes can result in lower cost per person. Contact for more information.

Please note: ART Europe cost-saving policies are not recognized by ART North America and vice versa.

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